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Degreasing Industrial Equipment Safely and Effectively

by Puneet Khurania | | Industrial Equipment | 0 Comments

Contractors are caught in a bind when choosing machines for degreasing industrial equipment. Industrial equipment tend to get coated with layers of grease and dirt, even with burned residues from petroleum fuels. As such, degreasing industrial equipment offers a great challenge. Therefore, choosing the right machine for cleaning industrial equipment is extremely essential.

If you are degreasing industrial equipment using pressure cleaner machines, make sure that you purchase a machine with the following features:

High Pressure and Temperature
Inadequate pressure levels cause a host of problems, including insufficient cleaning power and loss of productivity. Therefore, you should purchase a durable, commercial grade power cleaner system to remove grease from industrial equipment. Some power washers attain pressure levels as high as 3000 psi.

These machines are used for a range of cleaning applications, including degreasing industrial equipment. They are also used for cleaning factory floors and tiles. High pressure washer systems are ideal for many types of industrial cleaning applications. Therefore, you should choose one that is able to offer the high pressure levels while being durable and efficient at the same time. Many hot water pressure washer machines can reach high hot water temperatures of up to 210°F and wet steam temperatures up to 330°F. If you need to remove heavy accumulations of grease, you will have to use a hot water pressure washer, as high temperatures melt grease and make the removal easy and quick.

High-Quality Parts
Quality is of utmost importance when buying a high pressure washer for degreasing industrial equipment. High quality improves the longevity of the machine and enhances productivity. If you are looking for a high pressure washer, use one that has a heavy-duty motor, for electricity-powered machines. A stainless steel heating coil is more durable than an aluminum one. The trigger wand should be well designed and the hose should be strong enough to withstand high pressure. The housing should be durable and able to withstand corrosive chemicals, detergents, and high temperature.

Flow Rate
An industrial pressure cleaner can have flow rates of up to 5 gpm. If you are cleaning indoor areas and drainage is likely to be a problem, use an industrial pressure washer with moderate flow rate of 2-3 gpm. The flow rate is an indicator of the amount of water used by the pressure cleaner system. Low flow rate means less water will be transferred on to the surface.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use
For indoor use, you can use an electricity-powered high pressure washer, whereas for outdoor use, gas-powered machines are the best. All outdoor locations do not have an electric power source. If gas-powered hot pressure washer machines feature a long hose, then these can be used for indoor purpose as well, as the fumes will be emitted outside.

Advanced Technology
Many latest machines come equipped with AST® technology, an advanced feature capable of shutting down the motor and the pump when the machine is not in use. Then, comes the Super-HOT® technologyArticle Submission, with which a machine can generate wet steam. Choose the machine as per your needs and make the best out of it.